• Shopping (trips to supermarket or farmers market,mall, or any other shopping need that is required)

  • Social Travel Time Out (to visit friends and/or families, go to the park, coffee shop, and/or to the library,)

  • Fun Time Out – for active customers (movies, roller skating, bike riding, or hiking)

  • Health and Wellness Visits (doctor’s office visits, picking up prescriptions).

Outdoor Activities 

L & I Caring Activities

  • Games (cards, board, or any other type of games our customer is interested in playing)

  • Educational (Reading books, newspapers; Watching TV for news or learning how to cook and bake via cooking shows).

  • Gardening.

  • At home exercise.

  • Other activities as discussed and approved by L&I Caring.

Indoor Activities 

L & I Caring Services

We are here to help enrich your lives for the better. We want to help you gain the independence you need and experience the joy of living a well-balanced and fulfilling life that you deserve.  L&I Caring works individually with you to create an individualized plan that suits your needs.  All of activities (whether indoor or outdoor) is created with your full support and approval.  Our main goal is to provide for the needs of our customers. We are here to serve you and is committed to doing so by adhering to our mission statement.