About L & I Caring

My name is Allison Barry-Roberts, a mother of two wonderful boys, someone who is full of compassion and the burning desire for helping those in need, especially the elderly.  I come from a large terrific, fun-loving, supportive and extended family.   Because of my large family, our elderly relatives always had someone to provide the support they needed, whether it was a ride to the doctor’s office, a visit to the supermarket or a family member/ companion that they could sit and tell their life experiences and stories.  We were always taught to be loving and supportive of each other.  Therefore, this type of environment has been the foundation and cornerstone of my life.  My family is and has always been very important to me and has shaped my values and made me the individual that I am.  Thus, watching many elderly persons (your loved ones), that was once full of life and independence, start to age and becoming increasingly dependent, with no one around to assist them, is very heart breaking to me.  

What we do

It is a non-medical senior care/escort company. Our company will be providing its services in the privacy of our customers’ homes.  Our goal is to provide services to elderly person(s) that are in need of companionship doing indoor activities as well as outdoor activities.  Our company will provide services based on the personal needs of our customers and what is important to them.  This will be done by creating a plan suitable to the individual needs of each person.


L & I Caring will provide both indoor and outdoor companionship activities including but not limited to assisting with daily needs of our customers, such as meal preparation, running errands including grocery store shopping and pharmacy visits, medication reminders, transportation to doctor appointments/visits and other planned activities and other non-medical tasks, if needed.  This is in the event that customers choose they would whether stay indoors instead of outdoors activities. 

Why we did it

L & I Caring was started in honor of my late father Carl E. Barry.   He was an amazing father to six wonderful children, fourteen grandchildren, and ten great-grandchildren.  He was also a father to all of the neighborhood kids.  He was very kind, loving and caring to all. He was loved and respected by his family and every individual he knew.  He was known for going above and beyond to provide help to anyone in need and would have given his last dime to anyone who needed it.   His entire life was spent taking care of and spending time with his family and friends.  His life was made better by having many people surrounding him with care, love attention and assistance.


My dad was also a man who loved the outdoors and some of his outdoors adventures included going to the park, the movies, and the supermarket.  These activities allowed him to have fun and contributed to his quality of life.  He was able to spend lots of time with family, including his grand-kids, and great grand kids and friends, while having fun.  He also loved going to the pharmacy and had a great relationship with his pharmacist.  He would pop in just to say hello to his favorite pharmacist.   


Unfortunately, I realize that many elderly persons are not as fortunate as my father.  They do not have big families or families that are able to assist them with daily activities that will enhance their quality of life, by enabling or assisting them with the things that they were either used to doing or would like to start doing.  This is another reason I started L&I Caring.  In honor and in memory of my dad, my goal is to provide my services to all customers with the simple request that my dad had and to help as many customers experience the joy of having a great quality of life while enjoying indoor or outdoor fun activities.